Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 18, 2013

This was last weeks letter:

Dear Momda,

Your letter you sent me really helped me out, I got it two days ago and I read it whenever I can. I know the church is true mom, I mean look what happened when we lost everything and our family hit rock bottom and look at us now! We are amazing.

The first week of the MTC and the first week of the mission are by far the hardest. Homesickness and Tandasickness are both hard, but we will be blessed for the sacrifice. I know Grandpa Bingham is watching over me, whenever I teach a lesson and have to role play I am always Bill Bingham.  I know he loves you so much mom.

Apple Valley is a lot like Idaho Falls, Not a lot to do in the winter when it's cold hardly anyone is outside except for the crazy runners. I am excited for the summer it will be beautiful!

You said you were curious about what I do, well here is the low down:

1. Study
2. Plan
3. Find
4. Teach
5. Pray like crazy

The culture is different here. Not a lot of members like in Idaho Falls that is for sure. Everyone here is mostly Lutheran weird huh?

I went on exchanges with the assistants to the Presidents and they were so cool and confident and so happy, I can't wait to be like that! I talked to one of them about our family and he said if you put everything on the altar of sacrifice and give your agency to him he will bless us more than we can imagine.

This week has been crazy, It seems like we are always at the right place at the right time. At first I was all scared to walk up and talk to people about mormons, but now I don't care haha! People can  be mean but the wicked take it harsh 1Nephi:18 haha and it's mostly old people. I don't mean to pick a specific group of people but they are the meanest haha.  A lot of appointments have fallen through this week but I am  working as hard as I can and I know I am going t meet the right person at the right door. I really love you with all my heart and I pray for our family everyday!

My stomach feels way better now.  I love you so much

Elder Walker

This is this weeks letter:

Dear Momda,

I can't send pics this week since it is president's  day I got stuck with a really ancient computer in the church that somebody probably donated.  So I will send double pics next week.  I LOVED THE VALENTINES DAY PACKET!! Thank you so much for all the letters, I am going to try to write everybody back today.

So this week was a crazy one. My companion has had stomach pains and he went to the Dr. and hemight have to get his gall bladder taken out.but I am praying he can stay out here cuz he loves it so much.  We met this girl named K(name is changed for privacy) by tracting into her house by accident. We taught a short restoration lesson and got another appointment. She cancelled on us but rescheduled and that night our joint teachers fell through. We knew we had to get the rule of 3 so we called sister Pugmire (Ashley Monure's sister) and she was so awesome and brought her visiting teacher with her.  Well I was suppose to take the lead on this lesson which I thought pretty much teach the whole lesson.  I ended up interrupting Elder Walls like three times haha!But the lesson was super strong with the spirit and I committed her to be baptized and she said YES!!!

That NEVER happens!! She apparently was praying before we knocked on her house and was crying wondering if this was going to be another hard week.  She came to church with her 10 year old sister it is so crazy!!

I wish sometimes I could just come sit on your bed and tell you about all these amazing experiences like in the old days. Words cannot describe how much I really miss and love you.

The 3 things I miss the most:
1. All of my family
2. Music
3. and of course Working out.

Thank  you for the positive quote book too.

It's crazy how times of trials bring out who you really are but we already knew that huh?!
Weird thoughts go through your head on your mission, like one minute your thinking about Alma the the next your are thinking about Batman vs Goku, Batman would win of course. :)

Elder Walker

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