Monday, April 15, 2013

 TELL COURT HAPPY BDAY and I'm sorry for Aunt Brenda I cant believe she is gone! I am so sorry momda.

 I got all my packages! haha it was awesome during zone training the zone leaders walked in with 6 boxes and everyone got excited and Elder Mcdonugh said well half of these are Elder Walkers and it was awesome!

 I had an awesome Friday night I helped make some candy and we taught this girl named Kailey who is a 18 year old girl who goes to Apple Valley high school and she has been talking to Cortney one of her friends about the church and we taught her and she committed to baptism for May 11. We have taught her almost all the discussions. Me and Elder Walls were hoping we could of pushed her baptism up sooner but we cant. So I'm not going to be around for her baptism Im going to Winona MN on Wednesday its right at the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Its in the Rochester zone which is cool because that is where the Gudmundsons used to live. but I am kinda nervous. I have to pack up today and tomorrow and its a two hour drive so its going to be cool! 

Prez says its a beautiful city and its a branch so its very very small and very very spread out so I might get a car but idk.  I'm super excited but very sad because I grew so attached to this ward and the ward members and Caiti and Adolphous its almost like a small  version of leaving home again but oh well I know I'll make a new family in Winona. I guess my new companion has a sweet batman scar on his forehead so I guess it was only a matter of time until we became companions   Funny thing is, everyone in the ward in the zone thought Elder Walls was leaving so they all said goodbye to him hahaha but nope he is training again! 

General Conference was so cool but such a work out because 2 appointments dropped on us for watching it with them so we had to bust butt to the church to watch it and it was so awesome such amazing talks!! the last session i watched with the Pugmires were I met Ashleys mom and we talked about you and your amaizing testimony you shared and she took a pic of me and sent it to Ashley so I guess you got it hahah well I love you so much and I loved that pic you sent haha I love you so much!! 
I can't wait till Mother's Day!! I love you so much and will talk to you soon Momda

Love Always 
Elder Walker

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 1 2013

Ok You might get a lil mad but I haven't gotten any packages. I asked the Zone Leaders to look and see if the mission offices has them and they do. Elder Walls said it is because if you over night I don't think they can forward it to me. But its alright don't stress about it because I'm going to get them sometime this week because of a zone training and they give you all of you packages there so don't stress about it!! I love you so much!

My Easter just seemed like another day out here nothing to special really happened. Just me and Elder Walls working haha. I missed you guys aton though and all I could think about was the past easters, like the kites to the church clothes it was almost a smaller Christmas but it was always awesome!! I missed you guys like crazy!!

Adolf WAS BAPTIZED!!!!! It was so awesome he is the African American in the pics below. I have been working with him for the past 2 months and he finally got into the water! He is a 16 year old kid from Liberia he is the one who gave me the nickname Ustero (which means never stops) President Clements told Elder Walls that its not very common for 2 missionaries as young as us to have this much success. So we are humbled and grateful. Elder Walls has only been out for about 7 months.

This week has been a lil bit crazy we are biking like mad dogs and I have fallen more times on my bike than I ever have ever in my life haha but its alright I'm ok. We bike all over Apple Valley!! It has been busy but we need to find new investigators because all of our good ones have been baptized. K is doing awesome but it is crazy how Satan can work on these new members.

I love you mom so much and I'm so excited to see your face on Mother's Day which is right around the corner its a month and 12 days i think like 5 weeks or something.

Tell Court and Titan happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

It's kinda cold today haha it always seems like we are biking against the wind. But I have lost 10 pounds which is pretty cool.

I am so thankful Heavenly Father made you my mother and everything you have taught me and everything you have ever done for me Momda. I love you with all my heart and I don't think I can ever repay what you have done for me and I love you so much!!!

Elder Walker