Monday, March 25, 2013

Birthday Pics March 24, 2013

K's baptism was great!! She loves the Gospel so much and now she wants to help us teach. It is so cool to see how the Gospel changes their lives!
Thank you for the birthday presents but I havent gotten them yet....... haha its ok I will prob get them sometime this week but i made that cake you sent me and I decorated the apartement.
The members here were really cool with my Birthday like the people I went to for dinner made a birthday chair and gave me some presents. It was kinda weird but all I could think about the whole day was about my past birthdays and how much I have grown and I don't feel 19 I cant believe I'm 19. It's weird but guess what!? I only have one more birthday on my mission. I really miss and love you so much mom like crazy!!!!! But yeah I guess I wont get the presents until sometime this week. It is so crazy I've almost been gone for 3 months.
This week we biked for 60 miles like no joke we did the math and I'm exhausted. A (another investigator) he got interviewed by Prez and he is ready to get baptized this Saturday! crazy right! He is a 16 year kid who is from Africa I'm so excited for him and cant wait for him!!!! I've been working with him for the past 2 months weird to think I've been out that long huh?
oh yea the pics are me and elder walls getting couchs to out apartment and it barely fitting in the elevator and then taking a break after we got it out
Love you so much Momda!!
Trying to get a couch in our apartment.

Resting from trying to get a couch in our apartment

Happy Birthday to me!!

May all my wishes come true

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