Sunday, June 9, 2013

Transfer to Bloomington

I cried when I left Winona it was pretty tough it was so awesome to meet so many cool people like the Reps and it was hard to say goodbye to everyone again!! But Im ok now just a little busy haha sorry you didnt get this until later in the day just busy. Im in Bloomington and we share the area with the Assistant to the President. They are the best missionaries in the mission and the spot I filled was the Assistants grave yard two really amazing missionaries died in my spot, and when I mean died they went home. They served their last transfer with Elder Meguro who is my companion now. He is Japanese and he just learned English and is still learning. Its hard sometimes to teach but oh well its fun. For language study once I made him sing soft kitty. It was hilarious. 
its weird being so close to Apple Valley too. We drove by before coming here brought back some memories. I get close to all the families, it's hard to leave them.
We went bowling today I bowled a 162 which i think is pretty good. Grandpa Bingham would have been proud. 
First lesson I taught was with Mary she is an African American who started coming to church a few weeks ago and  they were just never able to teach her and we committed her to be baptized so that's awesome! President Clements called us on Saturday and wanted to come joint teaching with us. Elder Meguro said he has never asked before. He seemed pretty persistent and we taught a recent convert about the law of chastity haha it was funny. I was so nervous but it was good I just decided to do it scared like you always say, and teach and testify and the whole nine yard and Prez said we are good teachers and everything. He is a good guy. I feel almost unqualified to be where Im at though. Serving the same area as the assistants being where two really good missionaries served. but we are super busy and i keep pushing forward and I love the pictures you sent and I love you so much!
I cant believe its been 5 months I still replay that day in my head and I miss you guys so much but I know Im suppose to be out here and we got the rest of our lives after 19 months haha which isnt that long anyway. I miss you though and cool story
First Exchange with Elder Johnson (assistant) Dinner was with Bro Mclain
lesson joint teacher was sister day.
First day back in Bloomington  joint teachers Bro Mclain and Sis Day it was super weird!! haha but awesome!
 I love being here but i miss you guys and I hope everything is going good Im glad grandpa is doing good!!  Im glad Aaron gave him a blessing. Um things to sent me idk anything you want:] I just want things from you!  Im glad working out is going good too Im going to start running around this pond while Elder Mugero stretches on this hill so he can see me haha he is like the karate kid. I love you so so much  I love you so much and hope you have a super good week!!!!
Elder Tanda

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  1. We cried as well. The kids miss you tons. Desmond really misses you. Ur awesome and the best so keep up ur hard work.